Fruitcake's Story

Orange Fruitcake Arts closed down April 30th 2023.
Thank you to everyone who's supported my Art since I opened back in 2018.

Here's to new beginnings.

. . .
Nothing is set in stone; I'm working on booked in commissions till October 2023, and then plan to take a full year out from my creative career. At the moment the plan is to come back with a new business; Becky Jayne Illustrates, around October 2024.

. . .

Greetings Weary Travellers!

     Becky here, Fantasy Art Witch behind Orange Fruitcake Arts.

     The short version of my beginnings lays so;
     I started Orange Fruitcake Arts in 2018 whilst off sick with poor mental health. At first, to keep myself busy. Then when I realised I couldn’t handle the return to full time work, I set up my own little art business.

-Now I believe all things are better steeped in stories. So come, sit with me a while. And I'll tell you mine.

. . .

The Story of Orange Fruitcake

     There's no telling how far I fell. As I groped around in the darkness, my hands numb from the fall... or was it the cold?... I waited for my eyes to adjust to the lack of light.
They didn't.
     Resigned to my fate, I lay there. Ready to rot. To let the darkness take me. Curled up for one last time, I closed my eyes...
-And then I heard it.
Calling to me.
Willing me to move.
     In the corner, the darkness ebbed away. Still dark... but, did my eyes deceive me? Carefully edging closer, one small step at a time... yes, there's something there. A light of sorts, getting less faint with each weary tread.
     A bouncing ball? No. An Orange. A glowing Orange! “Aaaaaaahgh!” The curious creature screamed at me and bounced off, leaving a trail of light in it's wake.
     Well I didn't have much else to do. So yes, I followed it. Down twisting caverns it took me. Always a few bounces ahead... up steep slopes... then down again. Some day's I felt I couldn’t go on. I scraped my knees, my hands bled from countless falls... but I was fully immersed in the chase.
     Then, something wondrous happened. My lil' friend finally came to a stand still. We were up high, standing upon the edge of a broken road above a clearing. In front of us were two broken pillars, once upon a time the road would of met these and crossed over the clearing. Out into the world beyond. I could see for miles. Though the road before me was broken, for once I wasn't struck with fear. For the first time in forever, I could see options spread out before me. A future.
     The Orange screeched giddily, and winked at me. “You are ready!” And at that he produced such a heart-warming smile, literally glowing... brighter, brighter still. Too Bright. So bright that the surface of his skin started to pulsate & break apart. Atoms spinning. Tiny Fireworks before my eyes... I had to shield my face with my hands. . . and when I looked back, my little orange was gone. Floating in his place was the most beautiful compass I've ever seen.
Gingerly, I reached out and took the compass in my hands. As soon as I held it, the light emanating from it's surface dissipated. A strange tingling sensation shot up my arm, forcing me to grip the compass tighter. Sparks shot off in all directions, and a light started to ebb its way along my skin. Like goosebumps, starting at my hand where I held the compass... traversing along... up my arm, over my shoulder... filling my entire being with warmth.
Flashes of Colour.
Blue. Green. Purple. Pink.
     The compass was melting away into the palm of my hand. It felt... right.. . Like a part of me that I didn't know was missing was returning. Seeping into my hand like hand cream, then bubbling up and resurfacing onto the other side of my hand in the form of a vivid tattoo.
What was it the Orange had said before he transformed. “You are Ready”
“Yes,” I said to myself. “I believe I am”
I trusted my feet to take me onto the next phase of my journey. Excited to see what adventures lay ahead.